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Design can be seen in and around us each day. Be it a newspaper, milk packet, invitations, mobile covers, or even laptop skins have a variety of designs. With the wedding season coming up, we all are receiving digital invitations that have replaced the traditional ones due to the pandemic. Even those digital invites are distinct from one another.
Most of the things that we use daily from food items to clothing, everything is designed and packed in a designer packaging as well. The product packages being the first impression to people are designed with goal, objective and precision. Packages are the true identity of the products.
Kreatica Designs has been giving packages their identity since around four and a half years now. It is a team of young enthusiasts who love to develop things that evoke identity. The company was incepted to provide all design and manufacturing related solutions from packaging to invitations.
Over the years, the company has grown to become an experienced and reputable company in the Indian Packaging Industry. They are driven by the need to continuously evolve and innovate to enhance the aesthetics of any product. Rampeer Paper Company and Subhas Paper Agency, their parent companies, have been in service for over 35 years now.

The Back Story

Behind every business is a story of why it was started. From starting their own Ad agency and helping brands to form an identity, to establishing their own manufacturing unit, they have come a long way. The idea behind Kreatica Designs was to create their mark in the world of packaging. They wanted to add value to brands with their creative solutions. They saw a niche and huge scope in this business and decided to take advantage of it.

The Back Story of kreatica designs
Boxes Wrapped with Creativity

Boxes Wrapped with Creativity

The company deals mainly with Rigid and Mono Carton Boxes. The boxes are designed and made according to the client needs. The company deals with product packaging and custom packaging. The product packing is not product-centric, however, the custom packaging is a luxurious one that might be retained by the customer as a souvenir. The company offers a few more services apart from packagings like branding, invitations, and print design.
The enthusiasm in the company keeps them apart from their competitors. There is positivity and creativity in their work atmosphere. They are young minds with great vision to conquer the industry. They also try to keep up with the current trends of the industry. This is very important to be the first one to do something new and to stay remembered.

The Sleep Busters

Like every business, even Kreatica faced some issues during the time of establishment. It is very important to find the right team. We all have different driving forces in life and finding like minded people is difficult. Similarly, finding a team with the same energy and passion for design and creativity was a challenge. With the ever-changing trends in design, it is always challenging to keep up. However, it is part of the business and daily routine. It helps the business run smoothly.

Upcoming Wave

With the plastic ban, there is high scope for eco-friendly packaging. Even before the plastic ban, people had started moving to other materials. The awareness of environmental hazards that plastics cause has been on the peak since a couple of years now. The packaging industry cannot come to a pause due to a ban on particular materials. New materials like recyclable paper, handmade papers, etc. are being used to create boxes and cartons.


Contribution to the Industry

In the last four years, Kreatica has worked with top brands like Kushal’s Fashion, Dadi’s Quirksmith, Mysore Sandal Soap, etc. Their main focus over the years has been to meet the client expectations in terms of packaging and quality. They always try to put up multiple ideas for the clients to choose from. It helps the clients to get the exact details they are looking for to enhance their brand identity and value.


The Founding Duo


Kreatica Designs was founded by Akshay Parekh and Bharath Bhansali. They are the two pillars of the company. Akshay and Bharat are both very passionate about things related to creativity.
Akshay studied BBA from Jain University and always took part in extracurricular activities related to business while studying. And he eventually followed his calling which was starting his own business. And so began the catharsis of his creative existence. From starting his own Ad agency to a Packaging manufacturing unit was a big leap but the most rewarding one. His passion for his work makes him one of the most hard-working young entrepreneurs and brings him closer to his dream each passing day.
Bharath Bhansali is a graduate in Visual Effects and Designing from Mumbai. He is passionate about everything related to designing and art. His perfection towards his job, creative ideas and innovation in packaging make his company one of the leading packaging companies in Bangalore. He’s an entrepreneur by the day & an Illustrator by the night. Apart from managing a company, he loves to explore his creative side in Digital Painting & Illustration

“We always deliver what we promise and build a solution to every client’s packaging problems.”



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