Product Packaging serves a very important purpose in the protection and identification of the product. There are two types of Product Packaging you can opt for: Generic Packaging and Custom Packaging.
As the names suggest Generic Packaging is a standard packaging that uses standard size, standard material, etc. When it comes to Custom Packaging though, all the aspects of packaging are tailored to suit your packaging needs.
What makes Starbucks stand out is that it adds an extra effort of personalizing your coffee experience. Don’t we all love our names written on our coffee cups? It signifies our importance! In the same way, don’t you consider your product important enough to have its unique custom package? (yes, I am sure the analogy is a bit of a stretch, but you get my point, right?) If you are still wondering whether to go for custom packaging or not, read on for some quality inputs from our end!


  • Custom Packaging creates a better first impression

The Product Package is the first thing any person will notice when he lays eyes on your product. The market is huge, with plenty of companies competing with each other. A customer will not try every product under the sky, so your only hope is having catchy and functional Packaging material and design. The customer must resonate with your Product Package and feel the urge to try your products. Rest, if your product is really good, the customer will stay loyal to your products. The first and the foremost important thing is a call to action and your Product Package has the potential to serve that purpose.

  • Custom Packaging for better protection of your products

When the Packaging size, material, and other tools are customized to match your product, it is going to provide better protection for your product. Any product is useless if it reaches its customers in a damaged condition. Protecting your product from the harsh climatic conditions and rough handling is vital in order to ensure that your valuable resources are not wasted. Custom packaging is perfect for extra safety and protection as you can choose the quality and the quantity of Packaging material used for your Product Packaging.

  • Custom Packaging facilitates in creating your recall value

In the sea of brands, it is quite possible to get lost and lose identity. Custom Packaging, along with your brand logo, helps you retain your product’s identity. You facilitate customers to recall your brand better by choosing Custom Packaging for your products. The customers take your product more seriously if they can differentiate your product from other products. It is the element of identification that helps your brand stay in the market for a longer duration.

  • Custom Packaging is cost-effective

Custom Packaging allows you to use only the amount of packaging material that is required for your products. You reduce wastage and save money. With sustainable and recyclable packaging options, you find numerous ways to make your packaging eco-friendly and economic. The added bonus with custom-packaging is that you get to make decisions regarding the design, the box size, etc. Isn’t this the ideal “WIN-WIN” situation?

  • Custom Packaging is flexible

Custom Packaging is a great tool to create different experiences for your customers. You can use a wide variety of colours, textures, and designs for the various range of products that you provide. You can go the extra mile by adding a customized/personal element by sending out little positive notes to your customers. The small unexpected add-ons can get you extra points and create a stronger customer relationship.

  • Custom Packaging helps you lead with your core values

The product package isn’t exclusive from the product, it is also a part of the product. Nobody will know the principles of your company better than you, so maximize the strength of your true intentions by extending your core values in your Product Packaging as well. Follow your core principles and formulate a Product Package that suits your company values. Speak your values clearly and crisply, your target audience will attract towards your product like bees are attracted to flowers.

Packaging has gained a lot of importance over the past few years with the advent of globalization and digitalization. The purpose of packaging is far more than product protection, as it also serves as an important tool in product sales and helps in increasing the revenue of your company. Play the smart game and invest in the effective Product Packaging Solution and upgrade your business by 10x. We wish you all the luck!

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