Lets stop corona virus in style

A piece of art that Kreatica Designs designed for abrand named “Womantra”. It is an illustration of a women wearing a mask. This illustration alone is eloquent of “mask is the new normal”. With this pandemic, our lifestyle has taken a big curve all around the world. A world where if you aren’t wearing masks, you will be greeted with a top to toe stare that would probably mean “you’re one among those culprits spreading COVID .

Kreatica Design, a packaging company that you will find the quirkiest in the town With them, you can experience how beautiful it is to unbox the
products. They create an aura of intrigue that makes the product even greater. Elegant, exquisite and alluring is what their packaging looks like. Two young entrepreneurs, Bharath Bhansali and Akshay Parekh together gave a new direction to the packaging industry with their designing and manufacturing expertise.

product packaging box design

For an Indian brand “Womantra”, Kreatica created a style
statement for all the women out there that communicates- listen up, now your mask collection will be more talked about than your lipstick shades. Adapting to something necessary isn’t as easy as adapting to something that is both necessary and stylish. The illustration of this Indian girl with her beautifully designed mask conveys that masks
can also look sexy and stylish. Kreatica believes that design cannot save the world, but can surely make it look good.

And yes, Kreatica believes that design cannot “not communicate”

This packaging with a statement says it all
“Mere pass मांsk hai”

Kreatica designs are stepping towards making this world a better place to live in, in their innovative way.

“Wear the mask, be safe”


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