The first thing any person notices about a product is its packaging. The package of the product speaks a lot about the product and it is not just supposed to aesthetically please the customers, but also serve its purpose. The main purpose of packaging is to keep the product intact by the time it reaches its customers.

Due to the advent of globalization and digitalization, proper packaging has become more important than ever as the size of the market has increased exponentially. The product goes through various stages of warehousing and transportation, and it is subjected to different climatic conditions, rough handling, and various circumstances before it finally reaches the hands of its end users. How will the customers even appreciate the quality of your products, if the product itself reaches them in a damaged condition?

If you are about to start your business or if you are looking for ways to upgrade your business, the following tips will come in handy. As a company that specializes in product packaging, here are some tips to enhance your packaging solutions and improve the quality of your business:

  • Use good quality material to package your product

Your product will likely have a lengthy shipping process or will be handled roughly by various labourers and drivers that will help you with the delivery of your products. There is a high chance of damage if your packaging box is made from cheap quality resistant material. Pay attention to the quality of your packaging material and invest wisely.

  • Check the size of the Packaging box

The size of the box must be determined after keeping in mind the size and weight of the product. The box must not be too big or too small, it must be the optimal size for the product to ensure the product is safe.
For the sake of inner packaging, you can use bubble wrap, cardboard, or cushioning material. Inner packaging is important as it acts like a protective layer that will protect the product from harsh external conditions

  • Use different types of protective material

Every product requires different types of protective material depending on its treatment. One can use highly resilient material for products that are sensitive and crosses more harsh barriers. Non-resilient materials can be used for products where less protection is required. There are different types of foam: open-cell and close cell. Air management pads can be used to observe the maximum shock. There are so many options to cater to your needs, you just need to use the materials that suit your product and its needs.

  • Seal the Product Package well

There is obviously a risk of the box opening up due to the various harsh conditions it is subjected to. Sealing the package with tapes provides for extra protection and care. Additionally, you can use pallets for the extra layering. You can add an extra layer of wood on the edges for large or extra sensitive products. The outer layering makes the packaging safer.

  • Custom Packaging is flexible

Custom Packaging is a great tool to create different experiences for your customers. You can use a wide variety of colours, textures, and designs for the various range of products that you provide. You can go the extra mile by adding a customized/personal element by sending out little positive notes to your customers. The small unexpected add-ons can get you extra points and create a stronger customer relationship.

  • Pre-shipment durability test

Before buying a car, you test-drive it to check if it matches your standards, so when it comes to your packaging, test the package material and boxes before you implement/finalize them. Shake the box, throw it around maybe, do all sorts of fun things, and check if the product is still intact. Try experimenting with different packaging material and boxes, and come to a decision after having checked all the variables.

The product packaging is vital and as important as the product itself for you to create a satisfactory experience for your customers. Aside from the obvious role of protecting your products, your product packaging can also help you stand out and help you get noticed by your potential customers.

When making the decisions regarding your product package design and material, you may get bombarded with a number of options, which may end up creating brain fog and disrupt you from taking a well-informed decision. We are here to rescue you from all that headache and assist you with the best of the best in the Indian market. We specialize in providing tailored-made Product Packaging Solutions suitable just for you! Partner with us and get your Packaging needs to be met!

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