A product is the amalgamation of all the tangible and intangible factors and services that constitute it. Packaging, therefore, is not separate from the product and it is an integral part of the product! It doesn’t come as a surprise that various studies found that a product’s packaging can massively impact a customer’s buying behavior.

The first thing that any person notices is the package of the product and if the package can visually engage an audience and speak clearly, it is more likely to attract more customers. A good packaging conveys the company’s values and high regard for its customers. It is vital that every company pays attention to its product packaging and various factors required for good packaging.

Apple is one of the biggest multinational companies in the world and its success lies in its simplistic, yet focused approach towards all its activities. Apple has strong values that are reinforced through every decision that it takes regarding its products. When it comes to packaging, Apple treats it as importantly as the products itself. Here are some of the reasons why Apple’s packaging is unique and how it adds value to its brand:

  • Apple focuses of the overall experience of the customer

The whole experience must be greater than the sum of its part. Apple understands the importance of all the factors like product packaging, customer service, etc. as these things impact the customer’s overall experience with the product. Apple hires designers who specify in packaging and unpacking the products. They go through hundreds of rounds of packing and unpacking to finalize their product package (talk about attention to details!). Apple believes in giving its customer the “hassle-free” experience and makes sure that the packages are easy to open, which evidently is appreciated by a vast majority of people.

  • When it comes to content on the box

Less is more It takes about 5 seconds for a person to decide whether to pick-up or drop a product. Apple is clear and crisp in its messaging. Instead of having too much content competing to get the buyer’s attention, Apple focuses on visual content and less words. Apple designs the box to look straight-forward, sophisticated, and classy. The box is white and very modest. The product packaging of Apple is simply modern and to the point.

  • Customer-centric approach goes a long way

For the long run, it is always better to have a customer-centric approach while formulating the company’s strategies. Apple is firm about giving their customer what they want. Apple has a dedicated team to carry out research and study the minds of people. For their packaging design ideas, Apple makes sure that their packages speak to their valued customers and resonates with them.

  • Your product packaging must reveal your core values

When Apple started out, it was crystal clear in its messaging. Apple has always focused on pushing the envelope and in “thinking differently”. Apple’s target audience are people who want to “think differently” and shine in their careers. One of the biggest secrets of Apple’s humongous success lies in its core values and how this company has consistently remained close to its values. The product packaging of Apple remains simplistic and complements its products well.

  • Break the conventional packaging rules every now and then

Apple is one of most revolutionary companies of our times as it has always believed in thinking ahead of time. Apple has never been the company to oblige and restrict itself to the conventional rules. When it comes to its product packaging, Apple has broken quite a few rules. For instance, it confidently uses white background instead of using too many bright colors to grab the attention of the customers. Apple has marketed itself so well, that it doesn’t need to use too many words on their boxes to convince or pursue to its customers, people readily want to invest in Apple’s products.

Steve Jobs had paid a lot of attention to small details and had guided the company into the direction of laser-like focus and conveyed his values diligently and clearly. His amazing vision has led Apple to become one of the biggest success of our times.


When planning your product packaging, we suggest you become clear of the core values of your companies. One amazing tip to help you with that is to answer this question: “what do you want your company to remembered as?”. When you reflect up on the legacy you want to leave behind, your values become crystal-clear to you. When you know what your company stands for, every decision will simply become the extension of your roots.

Therefore, the important question isn’t about formulating your product packaging, it is about knowing what your company stands for, and once that question is answered, we are here to serve you. We specialize is providing your quality packaging solutions and various other range of services to help you meet your packaging needs. Come on, let us break some packaging rules together!

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