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Who we are

Kreatica Designs is a team of young people who love to make things that evoke identity. Our parent companies, Ramapeer Paper Company and Subhas Paper Agency, have been around for about 35 years. Kreatica Designs was incepted for all design and manufacturing solutions, from invitations, packaging to the brand identity.

We produce from being the forerunners in the paper industry to now our innovative studio today, Kreatica Designs, we’re crafting innovations in the world of Manufacturing Package Design, Invitations, Print and Branding.


We are a blend of creative insights of an advertising agency and the top-notch quality of a packaging company.

Co-directed by two individuals; Bharath Bhansali, the one with the chop chops for all things creative – a visualizer, ideator, problem solver, and meticulous designer, he heads the design process, and Akshay Parekh, the one with all the knick-knacks of business, he looks after the team interactions, public relations, and makes sure everything is intact.

Based in the city of innovation, Bangalore, we’re here to take your innovations and make them into a brand; a brand that looks and defines who you are and what your product is. With packaging as our niche, we’re a dedicated in-house manufacturing unit, so we don’t just prototype our crazy ideas, but also execute them for the usability in the market. We work towards the creative brief and take varied approaches like the look, the utility and how it adds to the brand identity. We then prototype and finally execute for the required quantity.

We have always tried to go an extra mile and attach that ‘Wow’ factor in everything we do. We aspire nothing but the best while creating and ideating.

While creative processes are never ending, there are always tools to get great ideas and make them viable for different brands we deal with. We, at Kreatica, are here to make brands have the creative edge and connect with their audiences and commit to doing that perfectly.

Take the leap and trust us in our creative process to make your brand reach your vision and goals!


Aiming to be India’s most innovative Design Studio and packaging company that is all about combining creativity with quality and timely execution!

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Design is even more about utility than you think!

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Let’s make our crazy design ideas more accessible

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Accessibility needs to turn into production soon!

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With everything in place, the quality should always sustain.


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We make things, people and places look good!

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Good things come in all kinds of packages!

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Let the visual articulation speak your mind with an admirable print design.

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What makes a brand recognizable by its target audiences so quick?

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Invite your guests with an interesting visual play!




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Let’s talk Design and Innovation over a cup of coffee or a scoop of ice cream? Here’s how we can connect.




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