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We are a package manufacturing company located in Bangalore – Kreatica Designs. A passionate bunch of young individuals looking to create a meaningful difference in the world of design, manufacturing, and branding. We innovate, we create, we design, and we produce.

A full range of packaging solutions.


Kreatica designs don’t design for the brand alone, but for the people who interact with the brand. Complete research on factors like colour schemes, designs, size, type of packaging and market is considered while we plan to box your product most elegantly as it defines your brand identity. Brilliantly designed packaging helps you from better shipping to collectable storage, from attracting consumers to giving information about the product. The power your product packaging holds in a market creates a new impact, also rekindle an old memory. 

Through innovation and creativity, Kreatica Designs help your packaging do the talking.

Rigid box

True to its name, is hard, premium and luxurious. Touch or stare, this exquisite packaging will leave an enduring impression and wonderful experience- A sense of Unboxing the dream box in reality.

Customize box

A unique and smart way of packaging makes you stand out in the crowded marketplace. The originality of this packaging helps recall the brand name, also creating an awesome unboxing experience.

Mono Carton

Style your products with various folding techniques & curves. Innovative shapes and the flexibility of this packaging helps you stick out from the competition. Creative packging designs.

Eco -friendly packaging

Eco-friendly packaging isn’t just earth-friendly way to market your product, it broadcasts the company’s value and ethos. We always find a way to be responsible.


With many iterations of the design process, we don’t forget to deliver by getting lost in the process. Here’s what we have delivered for many brands, products and companies across the globe, and in India.




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